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    Hello everyone! Here's a discussion thread for all of us to introduce ourselves! Introduce yourself with a reply to this post!

    In fact, feel free to use this site as a discussion board/forum of sorts!

    You can post anonymously! No sign-up is required, although it is recommended!
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    I'm Alteri, I do Chinese translations, subtitling, typesetting and other random(dumb) things(memes). Nice to meet you!
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    Hello, I'm Vervain. I'm a graphic designer, in my free time i sub songs, draw stuff, and play FF14
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    So umm hi hello! I'm Ron, and I like to draw, listening to Vocaloid music, and playing... Mobile games, ahah... Nice to meet you!
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    Hello, you can call me Red. Not much to say about me except that I love to draw.
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    Just to show that you can do something like this. Posting messages here will require being logged in, for now. Well, let's use this to introduce ourselves! I created this website because I felt that existent websites weren't sufficient. I suppose that should be obvious though.
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    I don't know what to say. It's snowing out, so I made my picture a snow bunny.
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    Not sure what to say but... Hi! Nice to meet you and thanks for this website.
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    I'm still working it, though I'd like to say, it was only in recent days that I thought to turn it into something more like a discussion board.

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