• Tell the people who make idolmaster to make Takane Shijou a main character.
  • Tea
  • will start posting drawings as soon as i get a new tablet
  • Problematic Ships Saved My Life Alois/Dove/Hilda. 21. They/he. Queer. Genderqueer. Arospec. No my title isn't a joke. Autistic. Will scream about Pokemon for days.
  • Slightly hopeful Hello. I was, and in a way still am, a highly problematic NOMAP ally from tumblr. I want to use this site to continue speaking up about map medical facts and unfair attitudes towards maps. A brief summary of my map-related ideas: nobody is doomed to offend, children can't consent, child porn harms children, stigma around maps harms children, maps deserve the same attitude as non-maps, minor attractions aren't LGBT, but are inborn and unchangeable. As of myself, I am an adult queer man, I'm not attracted to children (or anyone more than 5 years younger than me), I survived CSA, I'm mentally ill, very kinky (VERY), in a poly relationship. I often fuck up and self reflect on it. Please, do not ban me till we at least had a conversation.
  • I'm Through Running Away You can call me Howl. I'm moving some of my things here from sites like tumblr and twitter in an attempt to have a solid place to post my thoughts, moodboards, and general mayhem. I'm a nomap (non offending minor attracted person) who believes that children cannot consent, and that child pornography harms children. My primary objective in life at the moment is to create safe spaces for maps who are dedicated to the prevention of child abuse, the formation of support groups, and easier access to therapy. I am many other things as well, including a child abuse survivor, a paraphiliac, a writer, a crafter, and a bit of a dork. I really love talking to people and educating, but won't tolerate bullying or insults. I'm always open to messages!
  • never fail to be kind Hi! We're Hoarder, a queer nonbinary DID system. The alter who's writing this, and fronting right now, is Elva. We try to be a good ally to MAPs (minor attracted people), while standing up for anti-contact ideals (children can't consent, child sexual exploitation material is harmful). It's never okay to be cruel to people, even if they're stuck with an attraction you don't like. Be kind to others and yourself.
  • Account no longer in use.