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    Lonely Children/ Three (すりぃ) feat. Kagamine Len

    Lyrics: Three (すりぃ)
    Composition: Three (すりぃ)
    Arrangement: Three (すりぃ)
    Song: Kagamine Len

    With a backbeat carved in,
    the night's beats increase and get culled,
    cursed with a sixth sense,
    the town, with fading color,
    the realism words swallowed whole,
    within the stomach I rot,
    in dead space, with no one's love needed,
    and flickering eyelids, a liar's proof
    (Oh...) 知ったような口でキスを (Oh...) 
    (Oh...) With a mouth making a show of understanding, a kiss (Oh...)
    I struggled
    疑えcryここまで愛した傷も なくした感情決別の苦味を越えて いつだって... ロンリー誰もいなくなる 
    doubt it now, cry, the wounds loved till now, passing the bitterness of loss in emotional separation, it's always... for the loneliness when there's no one left,
    by slowly remembering the anguish,
    with the solitude, I relax.

    Extra text:
    胸の痣が痛いと知った 誰もぼくを見ないでそっと 触らぬことで逃げ出すんだ
    Upon knowing of the pain of the bruise of my chest, no one looks at me, and instead quietly runs away without any contact,
    shut the lid on stinky things they say, it's all easier to start melting, the piercing words reddening, shutting eyes on
    目を瞑った間違いを証明するんだ慣れたような口でキスを 砕いた
    the blurring past, to prove the mistake, with a mouth acting like it's used to it, a kiss, the broken
    絶体絶命のこの世で信じた羽根を翔け完全敗北の痛みを越えて 僕だって...
    extreme disastrous world, soaring with the wings I believed in, passing the pain of complete defeat, after all, I...
    ロンリー涙を流して スローリー答えを探した 猛毒の愛を撃って
    lonely, letting flow the tears, slowly found the answer, shooting for the poisonous love,
    the rain soaking the asphalt now over, let's quit it with pretending not to notice, and as I think this,
    僕だってやれるはずさ 誰にでも抱く感情 もう少しで 空へ届いた
    I can do it, surely, it's a feeling anyone can embrace, just a little more and I'd reach the sky,
    Cryここまで愛した傷も なくした感情決別の苦味を越えて いつだって...
    Cry, the wounds I loved till now, passing the bitterness of loss in emotional separation, it's always...
    ロンリー誰もいなくなる スローリー憂いを覚えた 孤独と落ちてゆ
    for the loneliness when there's no one left, by slowly remembering the anguish, with the solitude, I relax.
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    Ooh, Three has cool songs :D Do you think you could translate some of Ame no MurakumoP's songs too? :)