How One Bad at Love Can Accept Affection


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  1. pg 05, "it wasy 10 days," - "it was 10 days" pg 09, "Nicocchi shas high ideals," - "has" pg 15, "impedence." - "impedance" pg 19, "some weird does something weird to me" - "some weirdo" pg 27, "by our boyfriend" - "by your boyfriend" pg 27, "continue on" - "continued on" pg 29, "I'd be able to her her voice like this," - "hear her"? pg 30, "felt ore like" - not sure what is saying pg 32, "who'dmake" - needs a space pg 32, "so that that if" - "so that if" pg 42, "Though aI'm" - "Though I'm"
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    1. It's late, but finally the pages have now been updated, though "continued on" was left as is because it goes with "did."
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  2. Can you link me that credits image without the text at the top right? I can't find that image anywhere.
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      1. would you be fixing the errors?
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        1. It's taking a while to get to them due to other duties in the meantime. Work has slowed, though it is still progressing.
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