[For basic-level beginners] How to make a balanced face + postscript


Also includes some personal memos. Perhaps this might be use to those who think "I can't draw the face I intended!" or "Just draw without thinking of words? I'm trouble over how I can't even do that in the first place!" Left-sided thinkers might grasp this more quickly with words. ■For intermediate level people who can already imitate another's drawing, looking at this will just be a waste of time. Please don't make fun of me. ■Huh, the numbers disappeared...! It's 1, 2, 3, 4 from the top orz. Also, do note that the balance of the face changes when seen from above or below. ■12/1 I re-uploaded this with the numbers back, some additional explanation, and the complete image after coloring the line art. I had fun coloring the girl as I looked around various tutorials on Pixiv. Lol. I'll elaborate on the coloring in one additional picture after. ■The "it's okay to trace or copy" part is only relevant to practice time. What you should steal is only the sense of balance, as I do not recommend stealing not the whole picture (or its setup).

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