What can I post here?

This website is for blogging and posting about anything! Whether it's a one-sentence ramble, a drawing, or a 100-page story! It is all welcome! Untranslated Japanese content is also welcome to be posted here. Just be sure to tag it "Japanese"!

Contact info

Upcoming features

Features that are in gray are only "maybes" as of now.

  • User tagging
  • Anonymous posting while logged in
  • Ability to view all pages at once
  • A "see more" link feature
  • Music and video
  • Browser game hosting
  • Downloadable game hosting
  • Live streaming
  • Status posting without page refresh (ajax status posting)
  • Comments pagination
  • Ability to create lists of posts
  • User groups/communities
  • Side profiles from one account
  • Post scheduling
  • Saving posts as drafts
  • See more/recommended lists from each post
  • Mobile app
  • Tag cloud page
  • Infinite scrolling on the front page
  • Rankings pages based on time periods (top in last day, week, month, year)
  • Sliding animations when scrolling through pages
  • Animations for the posting options (on appearance and mouseover)
  • Drag and drop image reordering
  • Drag and drop page reordering
  • Community tagging
  • A wiki linked to each tag
  • @ messaging functionality
  • Username-based user profile URLs
  • Notifications
  • Thumbnail view
  • Ability to follow tags
  • Private/direct messaging or chatting
  • User "online" status display
  • Themes

Site software

The software for this site is free to use under the MIT license and can be found at the Imagination Space github repository.