What can I post here?

This website is for blogging and posting about anything! Whether it's a one-sentence ramble, a drawing, or a 100-page story! It is all welcome! Untranslated Japanese content is also welcome to be posted here. Just be sure to tag it "Japanese"!

Contact info

Tosiaki may be found at:

Upcoming features

Features that are in gray are only "maybes" as of now.

  • User tagging
  • Anonymous posting while logged in
  • Ability to view all pages at once
  • A "see more" link feature
  • Music and video
  • Browser game hosting
  • Downloadable game hosting
  • Live streaming
  • Status posting without page refresh (ajax status posting)
  • Comments pagination
  • Ability to create lists of posts
  • User groups/communities
  • Side profiles from one account
  • Post scheduling
  • Saving posts as drafts
  • See more/recommended lists from each post
  • Mobile app
  • Tag cloud page
  • Infinite scrolling on the front page
  • Rankings pages based on time periods (top in last day, week, month, year)
  • Sliding animations when scrolling through pages
  • Animations for the posting options (on appearance and mouseover)
  • Drag and drop image reordering
  • Drag and drop page reordering
  • Community tagging
  • A wiki linked to each tag
  • @ messaging functionality
  • Username-based user profile URLs
  • Notifications
  • Thumbnail view
  • Ability to follow tags
  • Private/direct messaging or chatting
  • User "online" status display
  • Themes

Site software

The software for this site is free to use under the MIT license and can be found at the Imagination Space github repository.