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    ∴flower『Traffic Jam』

    Video comment: "I wish for all your unhappinesses."

    Lyrics: Niru Kajitsu
    Composition: Niru Kajitsu
    Arrangement: Niru Kajitsu
    Song: flower

    ああやだやだ衝突だ 何処のどいつが悪いんだ 
    Aah, oh no, it's a crash, now who's at fault?
    パシャパシャとフラッシュ焚いた まあなんて可哀想な 
    With click, click, it flashed, well, how pitiful
    首吊って詫びんのが良いや 先立つ不孝を許してや 
    self-hanging would be good apology, sorry to everyone for going on ahead,
    許さねえや 追い込めや 逃げんのかい この腰抜けが
    it can't be forgiven, corner 'em, you fleeing? This coward.

    ああまただ 衝突だ 赤信号点滅だ さあ 
    Ah yes, again, it's a crash, a flashing red light, now,
    今度はどいつが悪いんだ 誰でもいいや 
    who's a fault this time? Doesn't matter who,
    then it's this one's fault,
    to hell with compromise,
    やるかやられるか 大概にせえや 
    it's eat or be eaten, let's not get extreme,
    it has nothing to do with me?
    The wholesale won't sell this.

    Deuce Deuce Deuce! 
    Deuce Deuce Deuce!
    Until you pass away,
    until I pass away,
    we won't cancel the game 'cause of injuries,
    Deuce Deuce Deuce! 
    Deuce Deuce Deuce
    鍍金が剥げるまで 朝が来るまで 
    until our outer shells fall off, until morning comes,
    let's share the drool between us two.

    あら悲しい あな哀しい事ばかり起きるね 
    My, how sad, only sad stuff like this happens,
    然も さもしいこの魂 生を受けたは良いが 
    moreover for this self-seeking soul, it's good it received life, but
    粗探し、穴探し 飽くなき人の性 
    fault-finding, flaw-finding, tireless human nature,
    爪 灯した火で養生せんとな 
    recover by the fire lit by claws.

    Wait a bit, this town is bittersweet at night,
    with a tiny light, it'll just end with freezing over,
    雨晒し憂さ晴らし 屁理屈の速贄 
    weather-worn and distracted from worries, an early sacrifice of sophistry
    兎角生き辛い世の中になったね 劣 呻吟
    anyways, it's become a difficult world to live in, eh? inferior groaning (let's singing)

    Deuce Deuce Deuce! 
    Deuce Deuce Deuce!
    Until you pass away
    Until I pass away
    now way it'll be tracked down,
    Deuce Deuce Deuce! 
    Deuce Deuce Deuce!
    until we're fools.

    Until our drunkenness passes,
    let's cavort in the coffin
    不安に駆られて ふらふらとさ 
    succumbing to unease, staggering,
    行き着いたが最後 後に引けない 
    the placed arrived at is the last, with no turning back,
    a dead person from bird cage to grave.

    ああいつもの衝突だ さあ今度はどいつが犠牲者だ 
    Ah yes, a crash as always, now who is the victim here?
    こりゃ相当タチが悪いぜって ウケる 
    This is in very poor taste, amusing
    No limits nor morals from beginning to end,
    to dance and be dance, a filling traffic jam,
    a meaningless life already at a dead end.

    To ensure no one lays a hand on you,
    俺が日々 聢と祈ってやろう
    I'll sure make a prayer day by day.

    Deuce Deuce Deuce! 
    Deuce Deuce Deuce!
    Until you pass away,
    until I pass away,
    we won't cancel the game 'cause of injuries,
    Deuce Deuce Deuce!
    Deuce Deuce Deuce! 
    鍍金が剥げるまで 朝が来るまで 
    until our outer shells fall off, until morning comes,
    let's share the drool between us two.
    Deuce Deuce Deuce! 
    Deuce Deuce Deuce!
    Until coughs burst open,
    until throats get sore,
    we two forfeit our sighs,
    so if we can always be here,
    it'd be fine even if I never become human.

    Now, let's move on from life,
    この終わった世界で Deuceが尽きるまで 
    In this finished world, until Deuce runs out,
    without sparing flesh and bones, let's cavort.
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    8.32 / *Luna feat.flower

    Lyrics: *Luna 
    Composing: *Luna 
    Arrangement: *Luna 
    Song: flower

    雲のあいだ 君を隠したもやもやも 
    If the mist between the clouds hiding you
    could all be blow away,
    空に咲いた 僕を隠したもやもやも 
    if the mist blooming in the sky hiding me
    全部忘れられたらな いいな
    could all be forgotten, that'd be great.

    (Summer. That's when we met.)

    (The days with you were always transparent, always blue.)

    (I thought it'd be great if they continued forever.)

    (Even if now, you are merely a ******* existence.)

    覗いたものは すべて輝いていつか 
    What I peeked at all shined and also
    消えそうに ゆらゆら揺れて 
    swayed as if it'd all eventually disappear
    触れたものは すべて透き通って繋ぎ 
    and everything I touched was transparent,
    留めたくて くらくらしてた
    and made me so giddy I wanted to keep it.

    ずっとそこにいたいよ 時を止めておくれよ 
    I always wanna be here, please stop time,
    何もかも上手くいかない そんな 
    nothing ever goes so well, and it's really
    退屈な日々だ そこに君が描いた 
    boring these days, and I can't let go
    of the colors you drew.

    不確かなものは いつだって 
    Uncertainty always seems to inevitably
    どうしようもなく僕を 惹きつけて離さない 
    attract me, and I just can't pull away,
    手を伸ばせばほら いつだって 
    and as I reach out my hand, it always seems
    雲をつかむような そんな感覚だ 
    that I could grasp the clouds, yeah feels like this,

    (Your words always dazzled and shined,)

    "Maybe I'm not so good with crowds"

    (Your radiance was too much for me.)

    "If there's some part of you you'd still like to change, then try and make the leap, run until you sweat!"

    (Because I'll never leave your side.)

    "A festival...? You wanna go that bad?"

    (I can't stop being fascinated with you.)


    "Sorry for not telling you until now"

    (I came to know your secret.)

    (What are you thinking now?)

    手にしたものは すべて抜け落ちて今も 
    What my hands can hold always falls back out,
    絶え間なく ちくちく痛んで 
    and without pause, with a prickly feeling,
    思い出すのは すべて灰色な記憶 
    what I can recall is all gray memory,
    沈んでしまえ 深く深く
    so sink already! Into the deep, into the deep.

    もういっそ 僕ごと全部 
    C'mon now already, just take all of me,
    and bring me along.

    不安定な君が いつだって 
    Unsteady as you are, it always seems
    どうしようもないくらいに 愛おしくて放せない 
    that I can't help feel you're lovely, so I can't let go,
    目を閉じればほら いつだって 
    and when I close my eyes, it always seems
    すぐ傍にいるような そんな錯覚だ 
    that you're right there nearby, yeah with this illusion,

    (As long as you're there, it's fine.)

    (As long as you're there, it'd be fine for me.)

    (Please don't leave me.)

    (Please, just please.)

    今日が いつまでも 
    I noticed today feels
    今日じゃないことくらい とっくに気づいていたよ 
    very different from the days I've always had. 
    The summer belonging only to us,
    誰だって 奪えやしないんだ 
    nobody can steal it away,
    君が 攫って
    you have it to yourself.

    眩しい日差しを背に 君は笑っていた 
    With brilliant sunlight on my back, you smiled,
    僕の影に凭れ 霞んでく 
    leaned against my shadow, and grew hazy,
    with a swaying white one-piece dress,
    and with light passing through you, I embraced you.

    I'll go along with you,

    in the never ending summer,

    in the never ending summer.

    (Thank you. For meeting me.)

    (Thank you. For choosing me.)

    (And so with this, surely.)

    (Always. Together.)

    (On that day, you and I)

    (Fell into an endless summer dream.)

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